Feb 22, 2010

Project Report, Week Five

Well I did my first CSS page. It looks bad, but I learned a lot. One aspect of creating web pages from scratch that never crossed my mind is graphics. The nonprofit has stock photos and images, but they do not have any accent graphics. Most template based design programs already have a huge repository of these types of graphics and places them on the page for you automatically, but not having these graphics makes a page bland and less than ordinary. In my first CSS page I made a very crude attempt to insert a graphic, but in the end the whole thing looks 'campy'. In the future I will have to make time for graphic design and layout.

Dreamweaver is still back-ordered, but I downloaded a 30 day free trail from Adobe. So I'm good for at least the next 20 days. I still have a lot to learn with Lynda. I have realized that I have to spent more time watching the videos and practicing with Dreamweaver. I am going today and buying a CSS reference book. Lynda is great, but Lynda with a book is far better.

My goals for this week are:
  • Learn about spacing, padding, and positioning. The instructor, in the videos, talks about learning to think in CSS. To be able to draw out a page design and have the ability to know what labels and CSS rules are needed to create the page as drawn.
  • Create the accent graphics needed to make the page look more professional. This will be a beginning, as I create each graphic I will added it to the page. In doing this one graphic at a time I will be able to focus on spacing, padding, and positioning.
  • Create an updated Home page. Taking what I will learn and applying it to create something more professional looking.

Feb 15, 2010

Project Report, Week Four

Well another week is gone. I am still in the same Lynda.com mod. I have ordered Dreamweaver, but its currently back ordered. It should be about another week and a half. I figured out my issues with ASU's online Dreamweaver and I can now save to my local system. As for current issues, CSS is a bit more complex than I had initially thought. I will have to go back and rewatch past lessons. Also I'll probably go and get a good reference book. Lynda.com is a good site for learning but it lacks the 'look-up-ability' that a simple reference book gives.

My goal for this coming week is to have a the Home page in Dreamweaver and have the CSS applied to it. Typing out the Home page content will be the easiest part, using what I have learned from Lynda to create the layout will be the challenge. By accomplishing this goal I will have took my understanding of CSS from simple theory to practical application.

Feb 8, 2010

I have signed up with Lynda.com and I am currently about half way through the first training module. This first of module deals with the basics of Cascade Style Sheets(CSS) and how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to create a standardized CSS web page. Lynda.com is a great learning resource and I'm impressed with the quality of the training videos. Although I'm only about half way through this first module, my understanding of what CSS is has greatly increased. I went from not knowing anything about CSS to have a good grasp on what CSS is and how its used to create industry standard web pages.

However, there are a few things that are not going that well; I don't have Dreamweaver, ASU provides online Dreamweaver access but it will not save files locally, and I can not be on campus to take advantage of ASU computer labs. With all of that being said, its more of a small issue than a big roadblock. I am looking into buying Adobe Dreamweaver. I will be taking advantage of my student status and order Dreamweaver at a large discount.

My goals for next week are:
  • Have a purchased copy of Dreamweaver installed
  • Have the first module complete
  • Start into the next module--either an advanced CSS module or an intro into Flash
  • Have a draft out-line of what information will be in the non-profit's web site

Feb 4, 2010


Well its my fault I guess, but I am determined to stay focused, current, and on task.